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Blueback is proud to have developed a product that meets the needs of both practitioners and patients.  

Paul Olive

Paul Olive

Physiotherapist at IMSS and of the PSG women's team

The Blueback Physio saves me time during rehabilitation because the patient understand more quickly what he has to do and more importantly where he has to go. He has the feeling that he is an active player in the rehabilitation process which make him love the product.

Picto Patient femme 2

Valérie S.


I was glad to discover this product. The device allows to visualize the efficiency of our efforts during the exercising and to become aware of our body in order to take the control back on it. Moreover, all the possible exercices with their different levels allows an adapted workout on the patient's need. All of this avoid too many repetitions and increase the motivation ! It's like a virtual coach who would be following and recording the process. In one word, it's a very fulfilling device !

Aurélie Serret

Physiotherapist specialized in pelvic-floor rehabilitation

It's the first time that I use a device able to check the motor control of the transversus abdominis muscle in the lower region, which is of great importance when it comes to the pelvic floor muscle tonicity. I've tested it for a month and I've already seen some great result for some of my patients. This is why I decided to buy it !

Aurelie Serret
Picto Patient

Marie R.


I have had the pleasure of using the Blueback Physio during my rehabilitation sessions.

At first sight it can be anxiety-provoking, indeed for me electrodes go with discharge... 


After an explanation of its usefulness, I accepted and tested it.

Thanks to it I could see very clearly and simply my muscular resistance and especially my progression thanks to the associated exercises and this at each session.

It truly helped me and I really encourage professionals and patients to use it.


Christophe Berthier

Physiotherapist specialized in Low Back Pain 

I discovered the Blueback Physio on a congress and it was a revelation !! A very professionnal team ! 

It's very delightful to visualize how the patient works. He (the patient) can really feel he's doing right, even on a short session. Thank you for you small black box ! 

Véronique R.


I had the opportunity to use the Blueback Physio and it was for me a great experience. It is indeed a very interesting device. Thanks to the ludic interface, it is very easy to visualize and to be aware of our effective contraction or not for this deep muscle. Therefore, it is now possible, for the patient and for the therapist, to evaluate the transverse muscle action for a better rehabilitation.

Picto Patient femme

Philipe Hugonnet


The Blueback Physio solution is a real tool coming in addition to my therapy. Within a 30 minutes session, it is hard to treat and explain the keys of how to move and protect the spine. Today, I use it with one patient over three to work on transversus motor control in a simple and playful way. They appreciate and I feel my therapy is taking a step forward.

Philippe Hugonnet
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