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Progress and


At Blueback, we believe that information is power. That's why we want to base our products on scientific literature, and give you access to it. 

A key player in the many biological processes (breathing, digestion, stabilisation of the spine, etc.), it is the ideal tool to work on in many procedures (spinal rehabilitation, post-partum rehabilitation, etc.).

The transverse abdominis muscle



Techniques for measuring the activity of the deep muscles:

Detecting deep muscles is a common practice in the activity of a physiotherapist. However, it is often a challenge due to the difficult positioning of these muscles.

This second literature review details the techniques for assessing deep muscle activity, particularly of the transverse abdominis muscle.


Diastasis rectus abdominis: which protocol(s) to apply


The Diastasis rectus abdominis is a very common condition, particularly in postpartum women. 

This literature review will discuss its definition, its incidence, diagnosis and its care. 

Groin pain: which protocol(s) to apply

Groin pain is a real problem for high-athletes. It's a pathology that practitioners often struggle to treat. 

From diagnosis to prevention, this new literature review summarises the latest scientific advances relating to this complex pathology. 

For more information on the specificity of the Blueback Physio measurement, read our scientific paper.

Published in July 2020. 

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