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Qualify your treatment with precision

Based on the "Evidence-Based Practice », Blueback brings to physiotherapists, tools able to quantify the treatment outcomes.

Deep Abdominal Muscles control and strenghtening is an goal often difficult to reach but very crucial in many pathologies (Back Pain, Groin Pain, Pelvic Floor rehabilitation, Post-Partum rehabilitation, Diastasis Recti, Respiratory diseases...)

Use your Blueback Physio to ease your daily life and evaluate your patients progression.

Take 5 minutes to check and quantify the Core Canister abilities of your patient and then create a dedicated rehabilitation program. 


Total patient implication

The patient is a key player for his own rehabilitation. 

As the main actor of this success, use the Blueback Physio as an evaluation tool allowing you to personalize the treatment plan to each patient, and therefore to get his implication through evaluation marks and a fun interface.

Between the sessions, your patient can train at home thanks to our App "Blueback Home". Therefore, he can keep a good rythm and gain in confidence on his ability to get the right autonomy.

Available on the Google Play Store.


The App Blueback Home can also be used as a tool for teleconsultation


Gain time and diversify your activity

Once the program is safely performed by your patient, he can work in full autonomy with the Bluback Physio.

The "blind" mode can be used to validate the final steps and check if you can really perform safe movements.

Add to you offer dedicated fitness programs on different area: remise en forme ou de renforcement des dorsaux et abdominaux.

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