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Blueback usecase Hospital

Qualify your treatment with precision

Based on evidence-based practice, Blueback provides physiotherapists with the tools to measure and quantify treatment.


Strengthening deep muscles is an objective that is often difficult to achieve, yet crucial in preventing the recurrence of symptoms, particularly in cases of chronic low back pain, diastasis of the rectus abdominis, pubalgia, post-partum abdominal rehabilitation or respiratory rehabilitation.


Thanks to the fully automated Abdominal Canister Assessment, you can obtain an evaluation of your patient's abilities in just 10 minutes. By using the Blueback method TRACC®️ in conjunction with the Bilan, you can earn 8 points in just 2 sessions!

Blueback Physio use

Total patient implication

The patient is a key player for his own rehabilitation. 

As the main actor of this success, use the Blueback Physio as an evaluation tool allowing you to personalize the treatment plan to each patient, and therefore to get his implication through evaluation marks and a fun interface.

With an involved patient, you'll reduce pain by almost 3 points on the VAS score, as the therapists at Clairefontaine Medical Center have testified.

And between sessions, your patient can train at home using our Blueback Home application. This allows them to keep up the pace, and gradually gain confidence in their ability to automate their movements.


Gain time and diversify your activity

The Blueback Physio allows you to give your patient autonomy. Opt to use the EBP programs available in the PRO or EXPERT configuration to tailor your treatment to your pathology.

Thanks to this new tool, you'll save time: 👉 3 sessions on chronic low-back pain patients, and you'll no longer have to skip this trunk stability re-education. This result have been proved into a clinical trial with chronic low back pain patients suffering for at least 3 years. 👀  Look at it here. 

Blueback Physio is also the ideal tool for diversifying your business. Use it to learn Pilates method individually before collective session.


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