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The transverse abdominis: an issue in the recurrence of pubalgia

It is no longer a secret that the transversus abdominis (TrA) is a major issue in the prevention and treatment of pubalgia. Unfortunately, this pathology is increasingly present in athletes. For this reason, the National Institute of Sport, Expertise, and Performance asked the Blueback teams - also known as "the transverse experts" - to evaluate the recruitment of this deep muscle in the players of the France Basketball team. The objective was to identify the different activation patterns of the transverse abdominis, and then to identify the links between these patterns and the position of the player.

And this, while completing the physical preparation of the players for the season.

To reach these objectives, only the Blueback Physio could allow them to evaluate this muscle recruitment capacity in motion. And more precisely during the realization of jumps which is one of the most realized actions for basketball players.

Besides acquiring data on the recruitment of the transverse of each of these players, the INSEP was able to demonstrate all the benefits of biofeedback in the awareness and control of the TrA. How? By seeing an almost instinctive evolution with the contribution of biofeedback. If you want to know more about the results obtained, you can access the infographic right here.

Therefore, the Blueback Physio allowed the INSEP to acquire data on the recruitment of this muscle on each of its player, and on an other hand, to demonstrate the benefits of the biofeedback in the awareness and control of the TrA. How ? By showing an instinctive evolution with the contribution of biofeedback.

Thanks to the Blueback Physio, research can be pushed forward and the clinic can evolve by providing data that the physiotherapist did not have: the recruitment of the deepest muscle of the abdominal canister.

Integration of the Blueback Physio in Medical Center of Clairefontaine

The INSEP is not the only renowned institute that wanted to benefit from Blueback Physio in this context. Indeed, the Medical Center of Clairefontaine included the monitoring of the transversus abdominis muscle in their own protocole, the First Pubalgia Task Rehab (1PTR). Entirely dedicated to the care of groin pain, the teams of this medical center have created this protocol to reduce recurrences and improve the treatment of this pathology. Based on 5 complementary areas, the 1 PTR proposes to work on the Transverse, the Hip mobility, the Lumbopelvic mobility and the Adductors, to finish with Core Stability, which covers all the previous areas.

The transverse muscle being the first step of this protocol, it is obvious that the center turned to the only device allowing to work this muscle simply, quickly, and in movement.

If you want to know more about groin pain, we have a literature review that summarises the latest scientific advances relating to this complex pathology.

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