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Pelvic-floor Rehab without a probe

Free your pelvic-floor rehab: do it in motion !

Motion is key for Pelvic Floor Rehab

Inner UP is a medical device capable of detecting pelvic floor muscles thanks to surface electrodes.


It has been designed to help healthcare professionals with rehabilitation related to pelvic floor disorders, especially pelvic pain, male or paediatric rehabilitation. These rehabilitations are complicated by the need to insert a probe. Inner UP is the first non-invasive pelvic floor biofeedback device.


A revolution is on going

« I needed a tool to complete my rehab, especially for young patients but also for painful ones for whose is complicated to insert a probe »

Lou Campilo, Pelvic Floor PT (France)

She also uses the Blueback Physio

The future of PFR is here

Blueback's R&D team has developed a new algorithm based on AI to accurately detect any contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. This is possible thanks to the deep EMG technology at the heart of Blueback's innovation. 

AI algorithm

2 patents filed

Powerful processus make with a latence of lesss than of 250ms allows the use in real time and motion 


Very light with its 156g, it allows a confortable care


Interactivity enhanced

LED screen displays the contraction of the Perineum in real-time. 

Easy to use

Only 2 patches to stick on the skin and you can see your Perineum

One device ... many rehabilitations

Inner UP is made for motion. Use it to put your patient in their day to day routine and give them back confidence.

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