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See the invisible - Strengthen your deep abdominal muscles

On-movement biofeedback


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Medical Device - CE Mark

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Patented Technology

2 years of research

Proven concept

More than 300 patients already used it

Multipurpose device

Physiotherapist, physicians, sports coachs, trainers, Pilates trainers... Take a step forward in your work


Blueback users talking..

I discovered the Blueback Physio on a congress and it was a revelation !! A very professionnal team.
It's very delightful to vizualize how the patient works. He [the patient] can really feel if he's doing right, even on a short session. Thank you for your small black box!

C. Berthier, Physiotherapist

I had been looking for a solution that could help my patient to get awareness of their deep abdominal muscles. With Blueback Physio, I found what I was looking for: my patients understand the necessity to strenghen their deep muscles. And the playful interface gives them a real motivation!

S. Cosqueric, Physiotherapist

The Blueback Physio solution is a real tool coming in addition to my therapy. Within a 30 minutes session, it is hard to treat and explain the keys of how to move and protect the spine. Today, I use it with one patient over three to work on transversus motor control in a simple and playful way. They appreciate and I feel my therapy is taking a step forward.

P. Hugonnet, Physiotherapist


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